Levels of Support

Levels of Support for 24n24

       Please consider this an invitation to donate. Not all of us have the means to give at the levels you see below. If you have something less that you’d like to send, by all means do so. If you’ve no money to spare, simply wishing me success in my 24n24 endeavor means a great deal. 

How to donate:

Online—Sara Seburn, TWC's Legacy Director (and tech genius) has just configured a secure online form to accept your contributions of any amount, including the set levels below. Here's the link. (BTW, Sara tested it out herself with a contribution of $120!) Thank you Sara.

By check—If you'd like to donate by personal check, please send directly to The Wildlands Conservancy's address below. Be sure to include a notation that it’s for the 24n24, and I’ll post your name/donation here in this blog, with thanks. If you'd prefer to remain anonymous, please make a note of this as well. And if you let me know that your donation is on its way, I'll go ahead and update the donors page right away. You can call me here at the Conservancy, 909-797-8507. 

The Wildlands Conservancy
39611 Oak Glen Road, Bldg. 12
Oak Glen, CA 92399

By credit card.—In case you wish to call in a donation via credit card, the Conservancy's administrative headquarters can be reached by phone:  909-797-8507

In memory of...  In honor of... 
If you wish, you may make your donation "in honor of" or "in memory of" someone or some thing that holds a dear place in your heart. Please do let me know so I can post this on the donors page.

Set amounts
Name    —    amount  — what the amount represents
Time-Space — $48 — ($1/hour plus $1/peak)
Meridiem — $120 — ($5/hour)
24 Hours — $240 — ($10/hour)
24 Peaks — $480 — ($20/peak)
Elevation Gain — $1,500 — (10 cents/foot of ascent)
Elevation Change — $3,000 — (10 cents/foot of ascent and descent)
40 Miles — $4,000 — ($100/mile traversed)
Step by Step — $15,000 — ($1/foot of ascent)

Variable amount
Craps — $0 to $750 — Bet against the table? If I crap out before the midway point, I'll be making a personal donation to TWC; if I make it past San Gorgonio, you'll be contributing to TWC. This category of donation will be a pledge, the exact outcome (up to $750) will be determined at the adventure's conclusion. Here's how it'll break down, starting with my failing to reach the first peak (oh no!):
0—say what?—I donate to TWC - $750         
 1—San Bernardino—I donate to TWC - $600          
  2—East San Bernardino—I donate to TWC - $500
   3—Anderson—I donate to TWC - $450      
    4—Shields—I donate to TWC - $400          
     5—Alto Diablo—I donate to TWC - $350 
      6—Charlton—I donate to TWC - $300     
       7—Little Charlton—I donate to TWC - $250       
        8—Jepson—I donate to TWC - $200     
         9—East Dobbs—I donate to TWC - $150  
          10—Dobbs—I donate to TWC - $100  
           11—San Gorgonio—I donate to TWC - $50      
           12—Bighorn—your donation to TWC - $50
          13—Dragon's Head—your donation to TWC - $100
         14—Galena—your donation to TWC - $150
         15—Cuchillo—your donation to TWC - $200
        16—Wanat—your donation to TWC - $250
       17—Little San Gorgonio—your donation to TWC - $250
      18—Wilshire Mtn—your donation to TWC - $300
     19—Wilshire Pk—your donation to TWC - $350
    20—Oak Glen—your donation to TWC - $400
   21—Cedar—your donation to TWC - $450
  22—Birch—your donation to TWC - $500
 23—Allen—your donation to TWC - $600
24—Mill—your donation to TWC - $750

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