Behold the Beauty cover (photo: Jack Thompson)
            24in24 is my first Epic4Epic, and I’m asking everyone I know, and you dear reader, to please sponsor it by contributing a tax-deductible donation to The Wildlands Conservancy, itself an Epic endeavor for Epic landscapes. I’ve crafted various levels of giving you can consider, each reflecting some aspect of 24n24. Any of these levels will warrant a copy of TWC's book Behold the Beauty, a stunning photo book with descriptions of the Conservancy's preserve system and past accomplishments in land stewardship and conservation.

Bluff Lake (photo: David Clendenen)
       At the "24 Hours" level or higher, you'll also receive an original photograph from inside the book, signed by Jack Thompson, who besides being an exceptionally talented photographer, works as Conservancy ranger at the Whitewater Preserve. Jack has generously offered to donate these signed photos at his own expense. I thank him for his support. At any higher level of giving, let's talk: I want to make sure you get a clear picture of just how much "bang for your buck" your donation realize at TWC. Like any good investment, you deserve to see a healthy return on your investment, as the saying goes. If I can provide a personal tour of one of our preserves, I would be honored. If in some other way I can prove to you the merit of your giving, I will welcome the opportunity. 

Oak Glen Preserve (photo: David Myers)

       Whatever level of giving you provide, every dollar will be a tax-free donation. As with Jack Thompson offering his original prints, I'll be providing the copies of Behold the Beauty at my expense—it will be my good fortune to do so. 

      Also, should you wish to remain anonymous in your gift, simply make a note on your payment and I won't place your name on the Donor page. Or, you could make a gift on behalf of someone or some thing; I'll mention that instead of [or in addition to] your name.

My phone number is 909-792-0135
My email address is
The Wildlands Conservancy’s website is

Please contact me with your questions and comments—I look forward to meeting you.

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