Donors (thank you)

Step by Step ($15,000)

40 Miles ($4,000)

Elevation Change ($3,000)

Elevation Gain ($1,500)

Craps ($0 to $750, to be determined)

24 Peaks ($480)
     David Myers

24 Hours ($240)
     Dan York
     Evelyn Golz, in memory of John and Mary Evelyn Golz

Meridiem ($120)
     Kristin Mandolini
     Heidi Fron, in memory of Frank Fron 
     Sara Seburn
     Robert W. Cannon
     Nicole Forgues
     Caroline Conway
     Louise and John Davis, in memory of Paul McDonnell Davis
     Bob Wheeler, in honor of SGWA Patrol Rangers 
     Robert McAtee 
     Robert Hubbard
     Paula and Clark Taylor 
     DeDe Chudy, in memory of Doug's grandma, who loved the vistas that the mountain tops bring. 

Time-Space ($48)
      Monja Mestlin
      Bill and Nina Foster
      Serendipity Ranch Bed and Breakfast, Oak Glen, Ca.
      Doug Chudy 
      Dr. Timothy Krantz 
      Benjarong Restaurant, Redlands, Ca. (in-kind donation) 
      Emily Covington, in memory of Lenny
      Paul Melzer, my birthday present to TWC in honor of our staff at The Wildlands Conservancy, with thanks for their support 

All Gifts Great and Small (any amount, lots or little, not listed above)
      Douglas & Josette Melzer ($1000), in loving memory of Nathalie Therese Melzer
      Bobbie McClellan ($100)
      Jeffrey Dickman ($250), in memory of Jim and Minne Dickman
      Zach Anaya ($127), in memory of T. R. Anaya
      Patrick et Muriel Dolemieux ($100)
      Gary Widdison ($50) 
      Margo Meyer ($24), in memory of Jamie Moore
      Helen Reynaud ($30) 
      Melissa Wortman ($56), in honor of Paul's 56th year!
      Diana Gossard ($40)
      Anonymous ($30), in memory of Mike Smiley
      Phillips Melzer ($500)
      Harriet Blume ($50) 
      Rich Priebe ($25) 
      Janine Melzer ($100)
      Cathy Henn ($24), in honor of Flash
      Anonymous ($50)

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